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Best Practice Guide for How to Leverage the New Marketing Toolkit

While there are many ways to leverage the toolkit based on your infrastructure, but here is a good way to

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New Marketing Toolkit Release

We are excited to release a new Marketing Toolkit. It is designed specifically with you in mind. Addressing many of

New Tools

Channel Manager Release

For all Channel holders, the new Channel Manager tools are enabled in your account today. While much of the upgrade

Marketing & Promotion New Tools

TrueFire’s WTF Boot Camp for Artists

This week’s action plan is focused on TrueFire’s WTF Boot Camp for Artists, an online event featuring 10 WTF Tips

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Prep those Spotify Playlists

We will be posting a place on your educator profile page (and promoting) your Spotify playlists. We would like you

How To Guides New Tools

Social Media Action Guide

Here’s some good tips on how we can help promote you at the ‘Fire! Tik Tok (Social Media Platform) What

How To Guides New Tools

Resource: How to Stream Guide

Here’s some tips on how to stream to some of the more popular platforms at the moment! YouTube How to

How To Guides New Tools

Central Calendar

We’ve heard from several artists about different ways they’re reaching their audience from home. There are lots of cool ideas

How To Guides New Tools

Live Training Hangouts for Artists!

No Live Sessions On The Books At The Moment Can’t make one of our hangouts? Check out one of our

Marketing & Promotion New Tools

Digital Spark Program

This program is designed for Educators with Course Products (if you are looking for Channel Products, visit the Promo tab